Ryan Seacrest Opens Studio at Children’s Hospital with Surprise Guest Taylor Swift

Ryan Seacrest Opens Studio at Children’s Hospital with Surprise Guest Taylor Swift

Ryan Seacrest Opens Studio at Children’s Hospital with Surprise Guest Taylor Swift

Ryan Seacrest and Taylor Swift at the opening of The Seacrest Studio at Children’s Hospital
Courtesy Instagram @ryanseacrest

Taylor Swift, international pop star, joined Ryan Seacrest at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville on Friday to open the 10th Ryan Seacrest Foundation Seacrest Studio. Swift participated in the ribbon cutting with Seacrest outside the hospital, than joined Seacrest inside the 723-square foot multimedia studio for its first broadcast. “It was thrilling to have Taylor surprise the patients, which made the day of our first broadcast at Vanderbilt even more special,” Seacrest told PEOPLE of the triumphant event debuting Seacrest Studios.

Swift, who is quite known for her charity and philanthropy work with children, even treated the children to Swift themed goodie bags and autographs from both the entertainer and Seacrest. She was clearly delighted to be there and brought a smile to everyone’s face with her kindness and generosity. “About two years ago, I was lucky enough to get to visit Ryan’s studio at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia,” Swift shared with the audience. “And what I saw when I went there was an opportunity for the kids to find excitement and express their creativity and learn about what it is to create content – whether you would like to make your own radio show or whether you want to record.” Swift never fails to offer sweetness and elegance when assisting a cause she holds dear to her heart.

The Seacrest Studio is a collaboration between Vanderbilt and Ryan Seacrest Foundation, who have been crafting broadcast media centers in children’s hospitals across America since 2010. These state of the art studios permit patients to study the innovative areas of radio, television and new media directly from the hospital rooms. Their mission is to assist unwell children by offering access to multimedia knowledge that provides patients with new and exciting ventures, which will ultimately lead to more optimistic reflecting while in treatment.

The studio itself contains five quest microphones, video cameras, radio equipment, and a green screen that allows patients the chance to become involved in multimedia developments. As well, the studio includes a full-time project manager who supervises all activities such as game shows, celebrity interviews, dance parties, live music performances and the list goes on. Patients can partake in joy and knowledge through closed-circuit televisions that broadcast directly to their rooms. They even have the ability to request songs, ask questions and speak with guests by calling 6-RYAN from any hospital phone.

The Seacrest Studio is surely helping young patients enjoy life the way any child sick or healthy, should. Seacrest has offered children a way out of grief and loneliness through his magnificent work with The Seacrest Studio and children’s hospitals.