National Companies and Celebrities helping those affected by the Fort McMurray Wildfire

National Companies and Celebrities helping those affected by the Fort McMurray Wildfire

Fort McMurray Wildfire
Courtesy: Jason Franson/CP

The devastating wildfires in Fort McMurray have caused much pain and tragedy to those families involved in this horrific incident. It started on May 1st in Alberta, Canada and swept through the community on May 3rd damaging more than 2,000 homes and buildings, forcing the largest wildfire evacuation in Alberta history. People in the Alberta community are doing everything they can to help those affected by these wildfires. Nationwide companies like Walmart Canada, Loblaw’s, Boston Pizza and Hudson’s Bay have all pledged money in support of the devastation.

Walmart Canada and the Walmart Foundation have kindly dedicated $500,000 to support the relief efforts in the Fort McMurray community, which includes a donation to the Canadian Red Cross and support by Walmart Canada for local associates.

Loblaw Companies Ltd has also devoted $300,000 in support of relief efforts towards Fort McMurray. Not only did they donate money, but also essential foods and health supplies. Additionally more than 2,400 stores across Canada have assembled a disaster relief effort in each of its businesses such as Loblaw grocery, Shoppers Drug Mart, PC Financial and PC Insurance.

Hudson’s Bay Company contributed $100,000 from the HBC Foundation to the Canadian Red Cross in support of the relief. Additionally, HBC is encouraging customers to donate their HBC Rewards Points, which will be converted to cash and donated to the Canadian Red Cross for individuals and families in dire need of assistance.

Lastly, Boston Pizza restaurants have provided assistance to first responders, volunteers and all those affected by the wildfires in Fort McMurray. The franchise as well has offered $400,000 worth of food vouchers valid at any Boston Pizza in Alberta. This type of generosity will allow families in evacuation centres in Edmonton to come together during such a difficult time.

Not only have companies come together in support of the people and families affected by the wildfires, but also celebrities. Popular Canadian duo, Tegan and Sara, are auctioning off meet and greets to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross and Fort McMurray relief. Their massive worldwide popularity will bring awareness and a bring in substantial donations for the Canadian Red Cross. James Taylor pledged to donate proceeds of his Alberta shows, Pearl Jam has dedicated their song “Evacuation” at the latest concert to those affected by the fires and Shaquille O’ Neal thanked Fort McMurray First Responders in a facebook video.

Through the help and dedication of these companies and celebrities, the residents of Fort McMurray and the surrounding areas will have the assistance they need to move on from such a horrifying experience.