About Us

What is On The Scene Network?

Is a web series & TV show that provides it’s viewers with an exclusive look at the hottest charity events happening in the city of Toronto. Our content inspires our audience with thought provoking celebrity interviews, while focusing on their philanthropy efforts.

“Fashion, entertainment, red carpet, we cover it all giving our viewers a private look at the most exclusive and inspiring events happening in the city of Toronto”

OTSN Mission

OTSN strives to become the biggest international platform that inspires people to follow their dreams. We believe in giving back to the world in the form of our service, which is helping those in need through their charitable causes.

More than Entertainment

Beyond red carpet interviews & celebrites, OTSN plans on hosting, “The Dare to Dream Ball,” in support of charity. Due to the success of “The Dare to Dream” event that showcased media personalities from local & national TV stations, we plan to make this an annual event gathering the most influential celebrites in North America.


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