David Chilton - Rock*Star Entrepreneur

David Chilton – Rock*Star Entrepreneur Series


Rock*Star Entrepreneur – David Chilton

David Chilton is a Canadian businessman and entrepreneur best known for his financial planning book, The Wealthy Barber.

Early in life David postponed his University education to pursue prospective business ventures. After gaining valuable investing experience he spent 26 months writing The Wealthy Barber – one of the best selling Canadian books of all time.

Taking his success to the publishing industry, David has collaborated with authors Greta and Janet Podleski to sell many bestsellers such as Looneyspoons, and Eat, Shrink and Be Merry!

In response to the financial disaster of 2008 Chilton released a sequel entitled The Wealthy Barber Returns. Till this day he runs his own financial planning and publishing company.

David Chilton was also a dragon on Dragon’s Den for three seasons.

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