Lilly Singh interview at 2015 YouTube FanFest

For the first time ever, Toronto was the host of the 2015 YouTube FanFest and what an unforgettable show it was! The Yonge-Dundas Square welcomed some of the biggest Canadian and international YouTube superstars and brought them live on one stage. We had a chance to speak with Lilly Singh (Superwoman).

Lilly Singh, began her career as a YouTuber in October of 2010 and has since gathered over 730 million views and her channel has over 5.96 million subscribers. According to Singh, the top three attributing factors to her rise in fame is first and foremost “positivity” in her material, “consistency” and finally “relate-ability”. Lilly’s advice to those that want to be a future YouTuber like herself is “Don’t try to go viral…it has to be a very genuine, passionate thing that you’re starting.”

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