Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussing global economy at the Canada Summit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discussing global economy at the Canada Summit

Prime Minister Justin TrudeauCanada has always had a huge impact on the global economy by contributing ideas to create a more financially successful country. The Canada Summit addresses these ideas by identifying the key trends that are reshaping Canada’s role in the global economy. The event featured keynote speakers Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Minister of Finance Bill Morneau and many other Canadian business professionals.

It is a serious moment in time for Canada in terms of the economy. After 10 years of Stephen Harper’s conservative leadership, pristine Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, at just 43 years of age, has introduced a more diverse cabinet. A majority of Canadians believe these changes symbolize an established sense of national identity. Although it will take more than just a multicultural team and a positive disposition to deal with Canada’s issues. The commodities boom, which has protected our country from the worst effects of the global financial crisis. This has disappointingly ended, causing economic despair. Canada’s prices continue to rise and the population has been avidly consuming debt. Granting, the improving US dollar and weaker loonie are working together to assemble a greater demand for Canadian exports.

As Canada continues to restore its economy, we must ask ourselves were does Canada stand in the global economic outlook and how it is still a significant force in global business and economic growth? All these questions and more were answered at The Canada Summit held on June 8th, 2016 in Toronto. The day consisted of interactive discussion and a debate with a practical focus on business issues in Canada on a larger scale. In order to comprehend the economic issue in our country, individuals should understand the logistics behind it and this can be done at The Canada Summit.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talking about Canadian Economy at the Canada Summit 2016
Q: What aspects of the Canadian economy do you think need to be disrupted to achieve the growth you want to achieve? (paraphrased)[/one_third][one_third]
Q: How are you planning to move forward on carbon emissions and carbon pricing? (paraphrased)[/one_third][one_third]
Q: What are your thoughts on legalizing Marijuana? (paraphrased)[/one_third][/row_fluid]