Bethenny Frankel Launches New Charity Campaign for Women in Crisis

frankelbethBethenny Frankel Launches New Charity Campaign for Women in Crisis

Real Housewife and entrepreneur, Bethenny Frankel has partnered with Dress For Success to create a new campaign, called B Strong: Find Your Yes as an initiative to support women in crisis.

After her bitter divorce from Jason Hoppy, Frankel has used her experience as means to empower women who have also been placed in similar hostile situations. She explains in Us Weekly, “It’s hard and I want to get off the ride, but I know that I have to just get on and keep fighting to help other people.”

Frankel approached the Dress For Success charity of which she has volunteered for the last three years, stating, “I want to start a charity within your charity, it’s for women in abusive situations, women at a crossroads, women in dire straits financially.”

Dress For Success is a global non-profit organization, that provides women with support, professional attire, and developmental tools to help them achieve economic independence and thrive in the workplace. The charity implements programs such as suiting to help women find the perfect work and interview outfits. They also offer regular workshops to encourage women and build their confidence and motivation in the workplace.

The B Strong campaign will focus on helping women who have been facing hardships such as divorce, eviction, or mental health issues. They will offer financial services and mental health services free-of-charge for members of the Dress For Success Professional Women’s Group.

In an interview with Fortune, Frankel describes her motivation for starting the campaign,

“I was wondering why I was having such a negative experience, and realized to help other people, I need to turn the negativity into a positive. So, I just found myself asking Dress For Success to set up a charity for people who are experiencing an emotional or financial crisis. It will have life coaches, lawyers, counselling…we’ve got a good system in place.”

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